1984-1985 Seat Speakers

Price: $25/pair

Used parts. 1 pair per seat.

Door Panel Map Pockets

Price: $35/each and up

Used parts.
Available in a variety of colors/styles.

Subwoofer Speaker

Price: $80

New parts not OEM

Climate Consoles

Price: $10 and up

Used parts

V6 Extra Guage Pod

Price: $55 and up

Used parts

L4 and V6 ECMs

Price: $50 and up

Used parts

Performance Sound Amplifier

Price: $50

Used parts

Arm Rest

Price: $15

Used parts

Seat Belt Holder

Price: $45  New

Price: $ 30  Used

Used parts

Heater Control / Radio Console

Price: $30 (standard)
Price: $65 (with guage cut-out)

Used parts

Automatic Shift Knobs

Price: $call

New & Used available

Shifter Consoles

Price: $call

Used available

Assorted Trim

Price: $call

New And Used Available


Dash Speakers

Price: $10/each

Used parts

Rear ("B" Pillar) Speakers (86-88)

Price: $15/each

Used parts

Dash Pockets

Price: $30

Used parts

Overhead Console

Price: $15

Used parts

Dash Speaker Covers

Price: $10/each and up

New and Used parts

Blower Motor

Price: $30

Used parts

Inner Door Panels

Price: $75 and up

Used parts

GM AC/Delco Radios

AM/FM: $35.00
AM/FM Tape: $90.00
AM/FM Tape EQ: $115.00
AM/FM Tape EQ Push-button: $145.00

Used parts

Shifter Plates

Price: $215

New parts sold out

Performance Sound/Subwoofer

Price: $200

Used parts

Leather Shift Knobs

Automatic Grey: $125.00
Automatic Tan: $130.00
5-Speed: $125.00

New parts

Emergency Brake Boots

Price: $70

New parts

Power Plates

85-88 PW/PM: $55
84 Black PW: $70

New parts

Headliner Kits

Price: $60 Material,clips & glue

add the used headliner any style,

Price: $300.00

All years, all colors.

New & used parts

Leather Steering Wheels

Price: $

Used parts

Dash Boards

Price: $425 and up very hard to find in mint condition!

When only the BEST will do!

Mint condition, Used parts